Mayfly Rebecca Black makes a comeback

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The American singer Rebecca Black was on her 13th is a hit fame with her single Friday. Since then, it remained silent around the young singer, but Thursday she made her comeback in the show, The Four in America.

Rebecca Black

“I am totally ready for. I am so happy to get the stage to climb and it feels so good to do this in my own way,” says Black in the show. The singer talks frankly about how her youth is already completely in the sign of music was and that they are a really fun experiment was to work on the single Friday, in which they became famous around the world.

“When it got on the internet was, the bomb dropped. The bad comments were everywhere. No-one can prepare. It is as horrible as people you have on the 13th telling you that you are not on this world belongs. I have often thought about to stop with music. But you should never allow people to tell you that your passion is wrong.”

To its participation in The Four as the vengeance, go a step too far for Rebecca, but she wants her audition to to anyone who has ever said that they are not good enough, to show that they have a new chance to deserve. The jury is after her performance completely agree with Rebecca and gives a second chance in the next round.

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