John de Mol emotionally about his grandson

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In the last episode where Humberto Tan Friday night RTL Late Night presents, is John de Mol as a guest. On the question of how he perceives us to be, grandpa to be, let John know to find it difficult to talk about it, because he is so incredibly emotional’.

“It’s an experience, I almost can’t put it into words, it is such a wonderful feeling when you for the first time such a small hummeltje in your hands and it is your grandson”, said John on Johnny, the son of his son and Anouk van Schie.

Which the media tycoon then complements: “I feel that I have more intense experience than when my own son was born. It is great to be with.”

Louis van Gaal let then know more with his daughters than with his grandchildren. To say that is the reason that he are daughters of close to has experienced, and grandchildren only from a distance.

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