Johan Derksen: “I have no regrets’

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The lords of Football Inside, Wilfred Genee, Johan Derksen and René van der Jibe slid Thursday evening at the table with Eva home cooked apple pie. Remarkable, because the trio has also occasionally criticized in their program expressed on the blonde talkshowhost.

Group photo of (v.l.n.r.) René van der Jibe, Wilfred Genee and Johan Derksen during the broadcast of the RTL-program Football Inside.

On the question of how they look back on the past season of Football Inside let René know the feeling that ’the sensitivity, this year seems to have increased’. Despite the fact that regularly severe criticism was on the jokes that the men made, says Johan Derksen no regrets to have. “I have no regrets, the selective outrage and all the criticism I got shit on,” says Derksen.

The three voetbalcommentatoren reveal that they have virtually no interaction with each other. “Normally we just sit there, and everything happens. We do what we feel, As that reaction produces, it is fun, as long as we are close to ourselves,” said Wilfred Genee.


About the book Inside, about what goes on behind the scenes of the program happens and where the evil mail ’directeurtje’ of former director Marco Louwerens is to be read, is Derksen is very clear. “The book doesn’t interest me, believe that René there is also nothing to read”, let Johan know. He admits it, just as René van der Jibe not to have read. He also says that they were only two weeks in advance were aware of the coming of the book.


When Eva asks what their move to Veronica, says Genee a good time to have had at RTL, but that there was nothing more for him at the station fell away. “The only thing we want is to be entertaining television, I think that the level may hold,” says Wilfred, which Johan complements: “We have decided ourselves to stay”, and all three men clearly know John de Mol in advance warned to have no interference to tolerate.

Johan Derksen leave in addition to themselves so that the program is probably Veronica Inside will be known and Hélène Hendriks hard tafelgast.

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