Jettie Pallettie turn with her Blonde Jettie Eke-Nazareth on the map

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“We are extremely pleased that we on this bright summer day, singer Jettie Pallettie welcome in Eke-Nazareth. It’s nice that the blonde for our village has chosen to keep her own Blonde Jettie’-brew beer. Along with her music, she is also our story on the map”, said guest of honour and Nazareths mayor Danny Claeys. A few minutes before his speech was Jettie Pallettie in a striking vintage the site of the brewery, The Satyr in turn drove up. On the musical tones of her new single ‘Pints & Rumbling, After received the Jettie with a warm welcome. “My big dream is coming from. After the Flemish Championship Rumbling Shells, there is the Blonde Jettie beer, thanks to the cooperation of Kurt Wynant of Dépoo 7 and brewery The Satyr. Today we make our beer party for and in the meantime we also take a piece of the video clip for the new single, which is also the title song of my latest album”, says Jettie excited.

The feestorkaan Jettie Pallettie running full tray in Flanders and is not under
violently, carnival or The Wrong Month, on the contrary. “I have see how my calendar year after year becomes busier. In Flanders they see me as a fully-fledged artist such as Christoff, Willy Sommers, Swoop or The Romeo’s and I stand next to their posters and stages. That’s perhaps the best recognition that I have built. With you I feel at home, so with pleasure I pull on the cart. If I promote my own ” Blonde Jettie’ Dépoo 7 and brewery The Satyr a push in the back can give in Flanders, but also in the Netherlands and the surrounding countries, I will do that gladly,” says Jettie Pallettie. “The next few days, we offer the ‘Blonde Jettie’ through its website. On Facebook, there was a lot of interest in the numerous Jettie Pallettie-fans to the genietbiertje of 7 % to buy. The market responded enthusiastically, but we are watching the cat out of the tree to see what it gives. Assume that the story accelerates and the people want to flock into the ‘Blonde Jettie’, then we would in principle need to quickly be able to deliver,” says Kurt Wynant of Dépoo 7.

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