Israeli army kills four Palestinians in new protests

6541203c67aab83c73f4d744115f9450 - Israeli army kills four Palestinians in new protests

Israeli soldiers have Friday during new protests in the Gaza strip, four Palestinians have been shot.

In addition to the four dead were, again, hundreds of Palestinians injured. News agency Reuters is talking about a total of 618 wounded, of whom 120 by bullets.

On five spots along the border between the Gaza strip and Israel gathered Friday for a total of ten thousand protesters. According to the Israeli army, they cast stones and grenades on Israeli territory, they put car tyres on fire and they were burning pilots. According to the Israeli army shelled two Palestinian militants is also a border post.

The Israeli army began by tear gas, and shot with sharp. Emmanuel Nahshon, spokesman of the Israeli ministry of Foreign Affairs, described the rebels on Twitter as the ‘Hamas Youth’, an obvious allusion to the hitler youth.

Right of return

The Gazanen demonstrate since the end of march against the forced evictions of hundreds of thousands of Palestinians in the aftermath of the establishment of the Israeli state in 1948, and demand the right of return for Palestinian refugees.

Since the demonstrations began, fell more than 120 victims. The bloodiest day was may 14, when there were 62 deaths. Israel maintains that Hamas is responsible for those casualties, because the radical movement, the protests would continue to ignore.

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