Iraqi “refugee” in France is probably IS-leader

7e4d6e70f97daec95abb6ab37f8441e7 - Iraqi "refugee" in France is probably IS-leader

An Iraqi refugee in France, is accused, after he, in march, was arrested. He is suspected of a high-ranked member of the terrorist group Islamic State (IS) and to have participated in massacres. Reports that the Paris public prosecutor. The study in which the man is called, was in november last year.

The Iraqi came three years ago with groups of refugees from Turkey to France. He stayed for a time in Calais, and now lived in a house in Normandy. In June 2017 was him the status of a political refugee and a residence permit for ten years, granted. That statute is now repealed.

Massacre with 1.700 kill

According to the French justice was the 33-year-old man is a leader of IS in Iraq. He should be in June 2014, participated in the massacre at the military base Speicher in Tikrit, north of Baghdad. Armed men abducted when hundreds of legerrekruten, especially shiites, which they then one by one executed. In total 1.700 people were killed in the city, which in 2014 and 2015 was busy.

In Iraq was already an investigation into the man. The Iraqi authorities accused him of being the region of Samara, north of Baghdad, IS controlled.

The man is holding in his interrogation that he is innocent, but attach the French examining magistrates have little faith. He is officially suspected of murder, terrorism and war crimes.

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