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Iran also plans in a timely manner own crypto currency

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After the first round of the ICOs of Venezuela’s country’s own crypto-currency has been a success, now wants to bring Iran is a own crypto-currency on the way. The plans for this are already since a long time.

The Central Bank of Iran has declared, contrary to claims that Bitcoin should not be accepted as legal means of payment. At the end of last year, the Iranian Minister for Communication and Information, said in an Interview (free Translation):

The Ministry of Information and communication has already carried out numerous studies in order to understand Bitcoin. Currently, the infrastructure is prepared to introduce Bitcoin within the country.

Iran suffered a Bank failure, after SWIFT could have the country in 2012 from his network of exile. This Blockade lasts for a total of four years, until the sanctions against Tehran were lifted by the atomic energy agreement in 2016.
In this time, have been explored by Iran, the Alternative to escape a Function of the SWIFT system. In Iran, there is a body, which had a high decision-making power in the field of crypto-currencies. Abolhassan Firouzabadi, senior member of this “Council of Cyberspace,” said to a local news Agency with a (free Translation):

We are Bitcoin welcome, but we must design regulations for Bitcoin and all other crypto-currencies.

He continued:

Many institutions in Iran deal with Bitcoin, whether you buy Bitcoin, sell or Mining operate, even Startups establish themselves.

The country has already been working for some time with the matter and the risks and opportunities of crypto-currencies.

Yesterday, Iran’s ICT Minister, Mohammed Javad Azari Jahromi announced, publicly, that Iran is driving the development of their own crypto currency (free Translation):

In a Meeting of the managing Director of Iran Post Bank, which had digital currencies and Blockchain on the topic, discussed the steps necessary to bring a pilot project for a country of its own crypto-currency on the way. The pilot model will be presented for Review and approval to the banking system of the country in a timely manner.

So Iran is following the model of Venezuela, on Tuesday already $ 735 million in the first round of Sales of state-owned Kryptowähurng was able to collect. Turkey also plans its own digital currency, the Turkcoin. It is possible that we will see in the next time more countries will use those opportunity to raise capital for their country.

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