Humberto Tan will be amazed at how waxen image

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In a week full of surprises looked at Humberto Tan’s Friday afternoon again, strange. In Madame Tussauds in Amsterdam was the presenter in the face with his wax likeness. “It really is a very nice image has become”, said Humberto for the camera of the ANP.

“It is very strange to be next to your image. When you see this well, such a picture? Yes, you see your mirror image, but that is just. Here you can around it and you can touch it.” Humberto also found it particularly to his side and back. The presenter, who Friday for the last RTL Late Night to each other, talk, saw immediately that his wax statue was good. “I see the width of my back and know that it is exactly the right dimensions; it is my suit. All of those things, that makes it quite special.”

Madame Tussauds is certainly not unknown territory for Humberto. “I used to own worked. I sold at the end of the ride photos. And now I suddenly own, that is cool to experience.”

The image of Humberto is about a year worked. “You must have a few times sitting still”, explained Humberto. “You’re very much photographed and is on all sides measured.” Also was the presenter for his wax figure to London. “There it was again measured and looked into my eyes, my hair color – not so much for me but good and my posture. And ultimately, this is the result, I am very happy with it.”

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