Humberto Tan connect era RTL Late Night af

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After five seasons and more than a thousand episodes take Humberto Tan Friday night farewell of RTL Late Night. During the day reveals the presenter, a wax figure of himself in Madame Tussauds in Amsterdam.

Humberto Tan

Tan looks at all the entire week, with regular guests back on memorable moments from the talk show. During the broadcasts he did not know who with him would sit down at the table and that is also in the last episode as a surprise.

The transmitter of the RTL 4 replaces Humberto Tan in the new tv season by Twan Huys. The former Nieuwsuur-presenter receives the command to the latenightshow journalistieker to make and the ratings to boost. Tan remains for the next three years to RTL connected. He goes Dance Dance Dance and Holland’s Got Talent present.

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