Ghana has football to corruption of president

9be6058a74c8d40215e85ab769716c9e - Ghana has football to corruption of president

The Ghanaian government has the football association (GFA) of the country Thursday night dissolved after it became known that the chairman of the football association, Kwesi Nyantakyi, accepting money from a so-called zakeman.

In reality, it took Nyantakyi money from an undercover reporter Anas Aremayaw Anas. That, reports the BBC.

The Ghanaian government has the bond been dissolved, because, according to them, the whole bond is rotten. How to proceed with the Ghanaian football is the minister of Sport soon to be known.

The chairman of the football association was by the team of the reporter invited in a hotel somewhere in the Middle-East. Nyantakyi would have a conversation with a businessman who was interested in sponsoring the Ghanaian football association.

Nyantakyi took during that conversation 55,000 euro in cash. From images of the conversation it became clear that a part of the money raised by the so-called investor in the bond wanted to put to the president would go. He would be a total of approximately 3.8 million euros, is yours.

In addition to chairman of the GFA was Nyantakyi also vice-president of the African football and he was in the board of wereldvoetbalbond FIFA. Nyantakyi was in Ghana just appointed to the corruption.

Ghana takes no part in the world CHAMPIONSHIPS on 14 June starting in Russia. The country has failed to qualify.


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