Germany shocked after new asielmoord

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MAINZ – For the third time in a short time is an asylum seeker suspected of the murder of a German girl. Yesterday it was announced that the body of the 14-year-old Susanna F. finally is found. The alleged offender, the criminal cooperate Ali Bashar, has together with his family the legs back to Iraq taken.

The 14-year-old Susanna F. (l.), whose body on Wednesday was found. Ali Bashar (r.) is a wanderer.

In the middle of the forest of Mainz, close to the railway, discovered a path finding robot of the police, the corpse of the since may 22, missing Susanna. According to forensic specialists, say German media, there are also traces of sexual abuse at the crime scene found.

The 20-year-old alleged offender knew the girl through his brother. It will still be hard to the fugitive Bashar for a German court, because Iraq has no extradition treaty with the Federal republic.

A witness had, according to the Allgemeine Zeitung at the police reported. He knew to tell that the defendant had known that he and the girl two weeks ago had killed. Now is Bashar with his eight headed family, including father and mother, through Istanbul to the Kurdish Erbil in Iraq have fled. They would fake passports.

The young man has since his arrival in Germany via the balkan route in 2015 is a considerable criminal record is collected: insult, assault, robbery. He is also suspected of raping a 11-year-old girl.

The controversial case will take place at the height of the German asielaffaire, for chancellor Merkel and her ministers becoming more dangerous. Hundreds of residence permits, especially in Bremen and Berlin, are possible under false pretences and by fraud on the part of officials, asylum and translators provided.

Also suspect Ali Bashar had long been his stuff. His request for asylum was in 2016 rejected, he appealed and complained that he by the Kurdish PKK continued. Also that was by the court denied. Nevertheless, he did not have to leave.

In any case, this is grist to the mill of nationalist Alternative für Deutschland, the opposition party, which chancellor Merkel because of its generous refugee policy attacks. The AfD demonstrated for the murdered Mia (15) from Kandel and Maria (17) from Freiburg.

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