Gerard Joling kicks Special Olympics af

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Gerard Joling’s Friday night headliner at the opening ceremony of the Special Olympics. He kicks in the stadium of the football club De Graafschap in Doetinchem, the sporting event for people with an intellectual disability with ex-skaters Erben Wennemars and Erik Hulzebosch. In the Achterhoek walk more than 2000 sportsmen and women are hot for their own ’olympic’ tournament.

Gerard Joling

The tournament, with games on Saturday and Sunday, has this year a record number of 21 sports. At fourteen places in the entire Achterhoek region, among others, athletics, swimming, football, volleyball, golf, judo, gymnastics and hockey on the program. Many participants spend the night in the ’olympic village’ that is risen from the dead.

The Special Olympics National Games, as the tournament is officially called, every two years. The organization hopes that sports people with a mental disability, pleasure and self-confidence.

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