French president Macron on a collision course with Trump

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Shortly before the beginning of the G7 summit of major economic powers, the French president, Emmanuel Macron, the confrontation looked up with his counterpart in the US, Donald Trump. “It makes the American president, whether he is isolated. Makes us not what to be a declaration of six countries to sign, if need be, ” wrote Macron Thursday on Twitter. He did that even, very exceptionally, in English.

‘These six countries represent values, they stand for an economic market that the weight of history behind him, and that at this time, a real international force’, added Macron added. In another tweet, again in English, said Macron: “No leader is eternal.’ Macron wants to ‘hegemony with all the power fight’. “It is the law of the strongest. It is the end of righteousness.”

The G7 summit begins Friday in Canada. The meeting threatens to be in the quarrel to degenerate. In many substantive areas, the U.S. under the Trump on opposite ends of Canada, France, Germany, Great Britain, Italy and Japan. It is unclear whether there is a common statement.

Trump responded to all the criticism of Macron, but also on that of the Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau. Earlier Thursday, they were together for a ‘ridiculous’ that Trump the national security claims to higher tariffs and to justify it.

“Say prime minister Trudeau and president Macron that they are the USA high taxes to pay and non-monetary barriers. The EU trade deficit with the united states amounted to 151 billion dollars, and Canada keeps our farmers out. I look forward to them tomorrow to meet, ” wrote Trump on Twitter.

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