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Football association approves the change of name Lyra-Lierse good

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The Royal Belgian Football association (belgian football association) has the change in name of the K. Lyra T. S. V. K. Lyra-Lierse approved. That wrote the amateurclub from Lier Thursday on her Facebook page.

“The belgian football association notified us recently that they agree that we have the name “Lier” in our club name! We are very happy that we have such as a club with the tradition and the history of the whole Lierse football can continue to do life” announced K. Lyra-Lierse.

To the church in the middle to keep it, decided the royal belgian football association the combination Lierse SK during a period of five years from the football to ward off. “A compromise where we accept and we look forward to being within 5 years of the “SK” back to welcome”, said the club, which has arisen after a “marriage” between the football club Lyra and supportersclub Lierse For Always.

Although the club mainly Lierse football fans want to appeal to, the head office in Berlaar. Not Lier, but Berlaar must be listed on official bondscorrespondenties.

On 13 June K Lyra-Lierse to 20 hours a infoavond in Berlaar all of the supporters to reply.

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