FIFPro: ‘a Lot more rest for players’

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Football players are not more than three duels per two weeks and must be at least six weeks of vacation between the end of one and beginning of another season.

In the Netherlands were the players of Vitesse as the last finished, and should be in the new season again as first on the bake.

That sets spelersvakbond FIFPro, at the end of the health of the players more to ensure. And the international organization has more proposals. There must be 72 hours recovery time between two matches, even more if there is a question of long-term flights. There is also a winter break of ten to fourteen days is recommended.

FIFPro basing your opinions on a survey among 543 professional soccer players. A third of them gave to find overloaded. “The players are as a result additional injury sensitive,” says Vincent Gouttebarge, medical advisor of the trade union.

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