Fastest supercomputer in the world in USA

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WASHINGTON – The United States to get the fastest supercomputer in the world. Summit, the device called. He may be 200 trillion (million times a billion) or of calculations per second to perform. “If every person on earth is one calculation per second to run, would the whole world population is 305 days need to do what the Summit in one second can do,” says the people behind the project.

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The supercomputer, by IBM developed for the department of Energy. He took about $ 200 million. The Summit was Friday unveiled at the national laboratory Oak Ridge in Tennessee. He should soon be used, for example, cancer research, medicijnverslaving and the universe to do. He has 250 petabytes of storage space, enough for about 50 million movies.

The installation weighs more than 340 tons and the cables are in total almost 300 km long. To all systems of cooling flows more than 15,000 litres of water per minute through the pipes.

The United States was the land speed record in 2013 and lost to China. The fastest supercomputer is now even the Sunway TaihuLight, in the city of Wuxi. That can 93 quadrillion calculations per second run, less than half of the Summit.

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