Ewout Leys of Ypres establishes new record in “Blocks”

224f363293e5b5267e20f0552fa9ceab - Ewout Leys of Ypres establishes new record in "Blocks"

Ewout Leys has the record of “Blocks” (One) broken. The 25-year-old man from Ypres won tonight for the eleventh time the finalespel of the popular quiz and emits Monday through to his twelfth participation. It reports the press service of the VRT.

In september 2013 forced Saar Bossuyt from Kortrijk, as a first candidate in the history of “Blocks” an eleventh participation. That was an absolute record. In her eleventh final stumbled over the achtletterwoord “belly dance”.

More than a thousand episodes later on, Ben Crabbé tonight for the second time a candidate in his eleventh final. At the very last moment outdated Ewout Leys the word “assistance”. He is the absolute record holder. As the first candidate, he may for the twelfth time participating in the quiz on One.

This is the new top-3 strongest candidates:
1. Ewout Leys: 11 episodes, 11 won finals (June 2018).
2. Saar Bossuyt: 11 episodes, ‘ 11th finals reached, word not found (september 2013).
3. Drees Herfs: 11 episodes, ‘ 11th final not reached (september 2016).

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