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Ethereum (ETH): Why is the second-largest Cryptocurrency has a big future

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Since the creation of Bitcoin, the number of existing crypto-currencies is steadily growing. Any new crypto-currency wants to improve an older on one or the other way. This ensures that the technological aspects of crypto-currencies will always be improved.

However, it should not be forgotten that all these crypto-currencies is actually just a try: to make Our lives easier and better. The long-term value, only the crypto-currencies that will improve always, and Innovation will ensure keep, however.

In this sense, we will take a closer look at why you need to Ethereum today, support.

The Ethereum Blockchain (ETH)

One of the largest crypto-Ethereum currencies, currently, it is market capitalization today, in addition to Bitcoin (BTC) is the second best-placed crypto-currency in the world.

The Position of Ethereum in the ranking of the largest crypto-currencies, there is an important point – Ethereum now has more active Wallet addresses as the Bitcoin.

Currently, ETH has more than 35 million individual addresses, about twice as much as only a year ago. Adding an impressive number, the currency gets added to 100,000 addresses per day – without question.

Due to the fact that Ethereum has significantly more addresses than Bitcoin, it looks as if the ETH is able to demonstrate more activity than BTC.

Ethereum Transactions

Also in relation to transactions, it is clear that Ethereum can prove a stronger balance sheet than Bitcoin.

It is also important that Bitcoin can currently have only around 100,000 transactions per day, Ethereum, however, with around 600,000 transaction per day, significantly more. Adding to that, Ethereum is working on developments to be able to process according to the founder of the currency Vitalik Buterin, soon, even up to a Million transactions per second.

The leading crypto-currency

Alexis Ohanian, co-founder of the popular Social News Site Reddit, said:

“I’m very bullish on Ethereum, because people actually develop for it.”

This fact is especially in a Highly-Speculative industry, such as the crypto industry is of immense importance.

Ohanian noted that Ethereum has advantages over Bitcoin, because it offers a flexible framework for the development of applications. Self-governments themselves show up in the new technology.

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