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Ethereum: Bug detected – Parity Update provides

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In the Parity Ethereum Client has discovered this week a Bug. As the British company announced that it is a Critical Consensus Bug that occurred in a test environment. Parity has already responded and is issuing a mandatory Update.

As Parity in a Security Alert is announced, the Ethereum Parity Full Node Client, which is a Consensus Problem in the versions 1.10.5-stable and 1.11.2-beta. The Problem is, however, with the new versions 1.10.6-stable and 1.11.3 beta fixed. All users of the Parity-Clients are encouraged to your Nodes as quickly as possible to the current Version update.

On the public test network Ropsten discovered the weak spot. It turned out that it could possibly give Consensus problems between Parity Ethereum and the other Ethereum Clients. It could even come to the erroneous transaction information to be sent to a mine to the Parity Node. This would generate an erroneous Block, the would be considered to be of the other Parity Nodes will still be just as valid.

Parity has with the system, the security vulnerability update is already closed. Thus, no one was able to take Advantage of the vulnerability. However, it is still the users of the Nodes to update this actually, the risks from Ethereum-avert Mainnet. Most of the companies, such as the Mining Pool Bitfly, have already done this.

Parity ever in the focus of the criticism

In the current history of the Parity-Bug comes from the last year. At the time, the Multi-Signature Wallets were affected by the Problem. So it was hackers managed to in July 2017, to steal ethers in the value of at that time, 32 million US dollars. The implemented Bugfix, Ether were frozen at the then current value of 230 million US dollars. This could not be moved about four weeks. Such proportions of the current Bug does not fortunately.

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