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Estonia’s CIO Sikkut: the Blockchain can be more than an Experiment

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Estonia’s Chief Information Officer (CIO) Siim Sikkut is an advocate for a stronger exchange of data in Europe. The Blockchain could be more than just an Experiment. Currently, however, the technology has no real practical Use. Nevertheless, he continue to believe in their possibilities, the surprisingly sober between summary of the information Commissioner. Estonia is considered a pioneer of state-Blockchain-adaptation and uses the technology in a variety of state services.

The exchange of data in Europe, the cyber security strengths and at the same time people around the world for the digital Estonian citizenship to inspire – that is the Agenda, has written to Siim Sikkut, Estonia’s CIO and Responsible in the area of digitisation, on the Flag.

Estonia, torch-bearer of state Blockchain-use, to carry the state of data processing for years, using a Distributed Ledger technologies. On the question of whether the Baltic state at the onset of this, especially as a tool for cyber security emphasizes Sikkut in an interview with business week:

“We are not experimenting with [the Blockchain] for ten years, because there was the word. But it went to the question: How is the data used by the state can stay pure?“

Nevertheless, the 35-Year-old in the face of a resolute Blockchain commitment of his country to be a surprisingly sobering conclusion to the previous use of the technology. On the question of whether the Blockchain would be the current Hype, he a little euphoric:

“A practical Use has not currently. But we believe that at some point, someone has a good idea for a practical application.“

So this, in principle, the democratic forces could strengthen – for example, in the course of elections or referendums. In General, their use is but the world as well as in Estonia depends on political will, Sikkut.

Blockchain-a pioneer in e-Estonia at the international rate

That such a political will in the Baltic CV, even off the little enthusiastic Blockchain-proves Estonia for years. The country is regarded as a pioneer of state-Blockchain-adaptation and uses the technology in a variety of state services. In the course of its digitalization offensive e-Estonia, for example, the country moved 99 percent of its public services into the Digital.

As a pioneer of the state of digitalization, the authorities ensure that the Estonian citizens to enter all information only once online, and these will then be automatically exchanged. Large parts of the entire governmental, tax, education, health or judicial system are the Estonians, with a few clicks of the mouse. An example: Almost all prescriptions are stored securely on a Blockchain and be communicated between Doctors, patients and pharmacies digital.

In the future, those who use the services are also becoming more numerous. Because one of the core objectives Sikkuts digital Agenda is the expansion of the so-called e-Residency program. In the future, he wants to make this the cornerstone of the Estonian digitization of the world to all people. Thus, it should be around the globe possible for everyone to be in the Digital Estonian citizens.

Beyond Estonia’s CIO, also has also, for about the Estonian borders-reaching standardization of enterprise data. In an interview with business week, he is sure that there is a need in Europe in the future, a “digital Schengen area”:

“People and businesses will move away, such is life. But currently that’s a hell of a job. Take with you your data as a company across a border within the EU. We need a coordinated infrastructure that allow for the“,

so Sikkut.

Even if you have a such Initiative in the future, Blockchain technology might be used, is perfectly conceivable.

About Germany: “digitisation is part of the government’s Central”

During the Mission the digitisation in Germany on bumpy paths remains, five ministries, the task sharing and continue discussions on the usefulness of the new post of Minister of state for the Digital blaze, this is for Estonia’s CIO is not a Problem.

“The Job is actually in the government headquarters. So the first CIO has started here in Tallinn. That’s not the point. The main thing is that, there is Someone who has something to say.“

This is because, unlike in Estonia, where Siim is Sikkut as an information officer, the immediate part of the Cabinet, sits the digitisation of responsibility in the Person of Minister of state Dorothee Bär in Germany, the Chancellery, however, has little means and resources to cope with the mammoth task. “Digitisation is a matter for the boss”, it says here, from the pages of the CDU. So far, however, especially with regard to the coming Blockchain has done-use a little – despite repeated mention in the current coalition agreement.

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