Eruption Kïlaeua is sweeping hundreds of houses away

8f362341ea9e8777631a18aa07717b7e - Eruption Kïlaeua is sweeping hundreds of houses away

PAHOA – By the eruption of the volcano Kīlauea on Hawaii about six hundred houses destroyed. Not previously been in such a short time so many houses wiped out by the volcano, said mayor Harry Kim of Hawaii County.

Earlier estimates were of about 130 destroyed houses, but advancing lava flows have in a few days time, hundreds of houses are swallowed up. Mayor Kim said that in the areas of Kapoho, Vacationland, and Leilani some 600 families their homes have lost. “And don’t forget the farmers, the ranchers and their workers.”

The authorities have been about 2,500 people evacuated since the beginning of the eruption, more than a month ago. The authorities are calling a task force in the life that a recovery plan should prepare for the hard-hit communities, made Kim and governor David Ige is known.

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