Ensor expanding with tv series

834d80e8dc091e719ce5a282f01cf380 - Ensor expanding with tv series

The Flemish film awards, better known as the Ensor’s, this year not only focus on the Flemish film, but also on tv series. That has the film Festival of Ostend today announced. The Ensor also get a private non-profit organization that will consist of representatives of all audiovisual professional organisations.

Now the Ensor’s, eight years ago, in the life called, firmly on their legs, eight of the organization, the time is ripe for the competition to be open to attract to television series. “The question is already asked, but we wanted to absolutely not skip steps,” says festival director Peter Craeymeersch. “We have that choice made together with the Flemish Audiovisual Fund (VAF). We aim in the first place on the new series, published in the period from July last year to June this year. We think in the first place, But for the best of the series and director.”

In addition to a rising awareness among the general public, But today is also the symbol for the growing international recognition of the Flemish audiovisual creatiesector. Hence the decision to set new prices in the life to call. The Ensor also get a private non-profit organisation-status, where the whole sector is involved. That association will not only be responsible for the organisation of the gala, but there will also be a plan of action and, thus, the Ensors the year around on the map, both nationally and internationally.

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