Door wide open for Neymar to Real

1b3945fd71821169fca00953320afe11 - Door wide open for Neymar to Real

Real Madrid defender and Brazil international Marcelo hopes that the Neymar in the short term to Real Madrid.


During a meeting with the media in his country, said Marcelo that the presence of Cristiano Ronaldo, a transfer of Neymar not ind e road should be sitting.

,,Cristiano is not the owner of Real Madrid and as the president someone wants to engage, he will do it. Do you think Neymar should not come as Cristiano? We all want that Cristiano will remain and the door for Neymar is wide open. We just want the best players in the world,’ said Marcelo.

He knows for sure that Neymar as well as Ronaldo. ,,At this moment, Cristiano is the best in the world, but Neymar is really on the same level in the future.

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