’David and Victoria Beckham divorce’

9852341ec1ca1baa60c5407b55ee9145 - ’David and Victoria Beckham divorce’

After a tweet from BBC journalist Johnny Gould, in which he Friday announced that the couple will soon ’trending’ will be buzzing with the rumors that David and Victoria Beckham after a marriage of 19 years to get divorced.

Another journalist, Elliot Gonzalez, stoked the fire higher by tweeting: “The following words will be trending later… Beckham. Harper. Teacher. Divorce.”, then other users of the social media started to speculate that David has an affair with the teacher of his daughter, Harper, and that she is now pregnant with his child.

The Beckhams deny in a press release that they would separate. A spokesman for the two to Express know that the ’fake social media news’. “This is a very bizarre and embarrassing waste of time.”

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