David and Victoria Beckham deny scheidingsgeruchten

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After Friday afternoon on social media, plenty of the rumor was spread that David (43) and Victoria Beckham (44) in the short term, their separation would announce, have the spokespersons of the couple responded.

Several British journalists, including BBC journalist Jonny Gould, reported on Twitter that former footballer David and former Spice Girl and fashion designer Victoria “trending” would be. It was hinted at cheating by David Beckham.

On these posts were a lot of comments. This was by spokespersons of the set, which is now almost nineteen years of marriage, responded. “This is fake social media news”, reads the declaration to the British newspaper The Mirror. “There is no such declaration, and also no separation.”

With bookmakers was even money bet on when the divorce exactly announced it would be. A spokesman for bookmaker Paddy Power now know that they are no more bets to accept what terms of a possible separation of the Beckhams.

David and Victoria Beckham will be trending later.


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11:04 – 08 June 2018

The following words will be trending later… Beckham. Harper. Teacher. Divorce.


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12:25 – 08 June 2018


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