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Dancing on the Brexit

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‘Never mind the Brexit’: under that Union Jack is running St. Paul tonight (Friday) for an hour of his favourite British albums. A themafeestje of the anglophile that this year, for the sixth year in a row, Stage Four shall curate, the dj-enclave in the middle of the Best-Kept Secret-forest. Last year he placed, He can be seen behind the turntables, this year welcomed he STUFF.

“Normally there are especially a lot of Belgians to the festival, but like the first edition the advent of Arctic Monkeys for a large number of Britons,” declares Paul Nederveen choice …

“Normally there are especially a lot of Belgians to the festival, but like the first edition the advent of Arctic Monkeys for a large number of Britons,” declares Paul Nederveen, the choice for the Brexit as a thread. “I used to have parties organized under the banner of ‘Never mind the British’, and then I came up with this unique twist.” Showed himself to be already a fan: multiple world champion snooker Steve Davis on Sunday, pictures will rotate. ‘Snookerstar dj: here we go!’

On a musical level, aiming Paul more on the hips than on the fists. “I let the whole Brexit-element, which is boating. I’m going to like the programming of my stage is very wide, of the typical music press to rave, grime and trip-hop. Not only a sing of Oasis so, all that absolutely a place in the set. You hear surely to pass: ‘Raver’ of Burial, a drum ‘n’ bass remix of Jamie XX’ ‘Gosh’ and something by The Stone Roses. Basically I want that people are not always watching who’s coming to run, but just dance on the pot schaft.”

‘Never mind the Brexit’, Friday night at 01.00 hours on Stage Four

As a warmup we serve you all of ten contenders for a place in the Brexit-hour:

Happy Mondays – 24 hour party people

One of the faces of the whole Madchester scene in the late eighties, a regular customer in the Haçienca and direct influence on the sound of The Stone Roses. Further particularly infamous because of the kilos of drugs they it pursued – and that you hear.

The Smiths – Panic

Nothing so British as a anthem to loudly, to roar, and Morrissey with his ‘Hang the dj! ” for a slogan that perfectly suits an anarchist party fits.

The Streets – Fit but you know it

Mark Skinner provides the ideal soundtrack for the #instaqueens and #fitboys to see.

JME – Man don’t care

Big Shaq has grime and we also put on the map, and you would almost forget that the genre on the other side of the channel effectively is taken seriously. Except Dizzee Rascal, Skepta and Stormzy is also JME is a popular artist in the scene. He is good friends with Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn and gave Big Shaq a blueprint for a viral hit to score.

The Libertines – Can’t stand me now

While The Strokes on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean garage rock back on the map, was British guitars, a low. The first tour of The Strokes made, however, that they also in London again guitars wanted, after which Pete Doherty and Carl Barât the right men in the right place turned out to be. The success and the lifestyle of Doherty produced a handful of britpopklassiekers and especially pages tabloidverhalen.

Amy Winehouse & Mark Ronson – Valerie

Take a not so very successful number of a not-so-well-known band, add a great voice and a talented producer, and you get one of the best motown-reincarnations ever. Mark Ronson saw in Amy Winehouse except empty the glass recycling containers wine also bins full of talent, and he conjured as ‘Valerie’ by The Zutons to a rousing pop gem.

David Bowie – Modern love

Let’s Dance is undoubtedly Bowie’s most American album, but don’t you think when that raspy gitaarintro of ‘Modern love’ start. The Thin White Duke at his best.

T. Rex – Get it on

Oasis has never claimed to be the most original group in the world – the greatest, we know it Liam. Except The Beatles had also glamrocker Marc Bolan influence on the brothers Gallagher, as Noel took a very flashy man’s riff on ‘Cigarettes and alcohol’.

Florence + The Machine – You’ve got the love (Jamie XX rework)

Florence Welsch took out on her debut, the fantastic single from Candi Station beneath the dust and put it into a compelling white soulbalad, Jamie XX is formed using the other two X’s to a euphoric dansvloervuller.

Underworld – Born slippy

Many Britser than ‘Born slippy’ is not. Not only is Underworld a figurehead of the ravecultuur, as the soundtrack of Danny Boyles ‘Trainspotting’ played itself in the collective filmgeheugen. Forget ‘Africa’ or ‘Dreams’: this is the ideal valve of each dj set.

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