Croats are all welcome to work here

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The Hague – The Dutch labour market is, as of July unobstructed open for Croats. According to minister great tit (Social Affairs), there is no reason to give them even longer a separate work permit to apply if they want to work. That he wrote Friday in a letter to the Second Chamber.

These Croats will be made it easier as they may want to come.

On 1 July 2013, Croatia joined the European Union, which means that, in principle, workers from that country anywhere in the EU can work. But like other some member states, the Netherlands made up to now use of the transitional regime that a maximum of seven years may be relied on, so Croatian workers still have a licence had to apply.

Great tit is, however, no longer needed. He fears that there is a large increase of the influx of Croatian workers, as this is also not happened in other states that already earlier, the transitional regime afschaften.

The Netherlands the labour market is completely open in respect of the Croats, Croatia will do the same in respect of the Dutch. Great tits think that this is the Dutch business community that invests in Croatia.

Croatia is the last EU member state to which a transitional regime applies. Only Austria and Slovenia have indicated that the transitional regime as per 1 July to want to extend, because of the cultural and geographical proximity.

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