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‘Blocks’ has a new record holder after chilling, finalespel

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After five years and exactly 1.058 episodes is the extent of: ‘Blocks’ has a new record holder. Friday managed Ewout Leys has succeeded, as the first participant since Saar Bossuyt, an eleventh time the finalespel to complete.

In a thrilling final had Ewout yet but a few more seconds, when he with the tip ‘help’ the achtletterwoord ‘assistance’ was in.

Before Ewout his eleventh final could begin, he had to first pass the 19-year-old Ralph Vandamme from Aalst. This was no easy task. Ewout and Ralph started with a difference of only 20 points in the third round. On five questions of the end had Ralph a lead of 120 points to be developed. It was not until the seventh question that Ewout on Ralph wipte. Afterwards, he gave his lead not to more hands. With 670 at 590 should Ewout to his eleventh final.


During the past ten episodes proved Ewout that the finalespel him is written. Usually he had one or two letters and the tip sufficient to solve the word. Friday was completely different. At the start sprokkelde Ewout lot of good answers and with half a minute on the clock, he had all the letters collected. But then struck the panic and listened Ewout to the questions. It is only in the last seconds that he uses the word ‘assistance’ could figure out. The studio exploded of discharge.


In september 2013 forced Saar Bossuyt from Kortrijk, as a first candidate in the ‘Blocks’-history a eleventh participation. When an absolute record. But in her eleventh final stumbled over the achtletterwoord ‘belly dance’. More than a thousand episodes later Ben Crabbé Friday for the second time a candidate in his eleventh final welcome. As the first candidate ever has Ewout’s a ticket towards the 12th episode bite.

Bossuyt responds very sporty on the performance of Ewout: “I think it’s great that my record as a long position has held. But I’m also really excited for Ewout him that he is successful. It gives me great pleasure that the record in West-Flanders.’ For years, Saar on each family on the record addressed. ‘For myself I don’t mind that it was during the family gatherings from now on agree on anything else can go on about my ‘Blocks’record.’

New top 3 with the strongest candidates

  1. Ewout Leys: 11 episodes, 11 won finals (June 2018)
  2. Saar Bossuyt: 11 episodes, ‘ 11th finals reached, word not found (september 2013)
  3. Drees Herfs: 11 episodes, ‘ 11th final not reached (september 2016)

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