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Bitcoin Cash: BitPay adds Bitcoin to Cash as a payment method

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The global payment service provider BitPay announced Bitcoin Cash as a payment method to add. This announcement is part of a large-scale marketing campaign to start at the beginning of April.

Yesterday, BitPay has announced on his Blog that all traders can immediately use Bitcoin Cash as a payment method. So far, only the “big brother” to Bitcoin as means of payment available.

This step was a reaction to the continued Insistence of the Bitcoin Cash Community. BitPay plans to in the near future other crypto-currencies as means of payment to allow, when the external conditions and requirements of the Blockchain votes:

network hashing power, security, usefulness for payments, adoption, and market value as key factors in our decisions on which blockchain payments, our platform wants to support.

All of the retailers allow their customers to pay with BTC or BCH, to be able to find the funds the next business day to your account.

BitPay proposes for the use of the Services, a 1 percent transaction fee, in addition to the normal fees within the respective block chain network.

The transaction fees in the Bitcoin for Cash network compared to Bitcoin is significantly lower, although the development of a Lightning network, is slowly but surely progressing. Another often put forward by reason of Bitcoin Cash trailers, the a significantly faster transaction speed in comparison to the top dog.

Within the platform, BitPay, users will find all the Tools and interfaces available for a long time for Bitcoin users.

We are excited to see what other crypto-currencies make their way into the marketplace of BitPay and the adaptation of Cryptocurrencies in our daily life can progress.

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