Bad news for fans of Karen Damen and James Cooke

81aa43985333c27d05cd6f9dcde144d6 - Bad news for fans of Karen Damen and James Cooke

Those who had hoped that after the summer a sequel would come to New Neighbors or Camping Karen & James, who are people we must unfortunately disappoint. Coming this summer, no program of Karen and James, that has FIVE us confirmed today. A few weeks ago a mess of it that no clarity was, but it is there in the meantime. There coming this fall is no program that Karen Damen and James Cooke together present. Not that they are at the station have no interest, the diaries of Karen and James make it impossible to put together a program to make. It’s already been read that Karen Damen this summer would not occur but there are recordings for one or multiple tv programs and FOUR or FIVE in her diary. And also James has quite a busy schedule with all his work. That both of this summer, no recordings for a program this fall on the antenna, does not mean that in the future there is no program with Karen and James. But for the moment it is so far not yet…

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