Bad news about Hanne in Family

d72e7afbe2243e2bf43f2d41c6a89976 - Bad news about Hanne in Family

In Family was Hanne recently hit by Stan. That it does not go well with Hanne, that is clear. Stan grabbed her with his car at high speed and the injuries are particularly serious. In a soap opera happen sometimes miracles but it doesn’t look right to house that Hanne again soon the old will. On this photo of the episode of Monday 18 June, we see Hanne still with a collar around her neck, and that promises not much good. And that just in the week of the season finale. Would there still be something serious to do with her? That is the question that a lot of fans of Family. But what could be worse than the tragedy that Hanne now to process? Who is the picture of Hanne carefully look at it, notice that Hanne on this picture not more in the hospital. Will probably the impact of the collision is still a long time to be visible in the Family. And where Stan is? That is and remains a riddle.

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