Austria put imams and close mosques: ‘Racist’

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The conservative chancellor Sebastian Kurz announced that Austria, various foreign funded imams will tell and seven mosques will close. Thus, he wants the ‘political islam’ fight. Turkey reacts strongly to this decision.

Austria is certainly going to 60 imams, the country’s output. That is, according to the right-wing parties in Austria ‘only the beginning’ of the ‘pushing of the islamic ideology and foreign financing of religious groups’.

‘A parallel islamic society and radicalism have no place in our country”, said Kurz at a press conference. In Austria live some 9 million people, of which 600.000 muslims.

‘Islamofoob and racist’

There is immediate response from Turkey on the decision. “This is the result of an islamophobic, racist and discriminatory movement,” says Ibrahim Kalin, spokesman of president Erdogan. ‘The government’s decision is in conflict with the legal principles, the social integration policy, the rights of minorities, and the ethics of cohabitation.’

His message was clear: “Attempts to islamophobia and racism to normalize must in all circumstances be stopped.’

Controversial play

The decision, as explained to Kurz, is related to a controversial play that children opvoerden in one of the major mosques of the Turkish community in Vienna. Dressed as soldiers, they played an important battle from the Ottoman history.

‘Parallel societies, political islam and radicalism have no place in our country”, said the head of the Austrian government during a press conference.

The photos of the reconstruction of the Battle of Gallipoli were previously published this month by the left-wing weekly Falter. They caused unrest in all the political parties.

The images were of young boys in camouflage clothing, who lined up in rows were. They brought with them a military salute and waving Turkish flags.

The mosque is managed by the Turkish Islamic Union in Austria, which is directly connected to be directly associated with the Turkish Presidency for Godsdienstzaken (Diyanet).

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