Amazon destroys returned products

b64aeaede98ab2a9e50f78c321be14c7 - Amazon destroys returned products

BERLIN – international internet trader Amazon destroys in Germany on a large scale returned products. According to research of the German programme Frontal21 and magazine Wirtschaftswoche, which, amongst others, based on internal product lists, pictures, and representations of employees. The German ministry of the Environment speaks to the shame of the practice.

The internet company owes according to sources, inter alia, products that are still usable. It may, for example, dishwashers, mattresses, refrigerators and mobile phones. An employee declared on a daily basis for tens of thousands of dollars of products have been destroyed.

State secretary Jochen Flasbarth (Environment) speaks about a “big scandal”, and the company has to provide clarification requested. Amazon denies not that the products be destroyed. The company says in convert to improve processes, so as little as possible, products need to be discarded.

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