90-year-old woman severely beaten in own home

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Brent – The 90-year-old Iris Warner has may for days, shot in bed after an intruder in her own home heavy has been abused. Her son found his mother unconscious and badly battered in her bedroom in the English city of Brent.

Iris is injured in the hospital.

Iris was in the middle of the night woken up by an intruder, her then several times with a “weapon” in her face struck. Her excited children to share photos of their seriously injured mother in a hospital bed.

The police force is a large-scale investigation was started and is looking for witnesses. So reports the Mirror.

Researchers say that the life of the woman by a thread hung. They son of Iris was just in time, otherwise they the event may not survive. The victim has now regained consciousness, but has a lot of pain. She is the coming time is still in the hospital.


The children of the woman hope that the shocking photos to make sure that any eyewitness report. “We are in shock. The person responsible for the attack must be taken”, says the son.

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