Twin brothers from ‘Everybody famous’ single as a reminder

Twin brothers martin and Thomas have already been working for several weeks on their dromenlijstje in the ‘Everyone is famous’-heading ‘The bucketlist’. Friday, checking them for the program, a last dream: together a hip-hop single. A memory she will long cherish.

Maarten is parkinsonpatiënt, his body degenerates slowly. Everything that he together with his brother for the first time can do, or things that they once again want to experience, they move no longer on the side. Friday, they pulled in ‘The bucketlist’ in the studio. They’re making a hip-hop song, the speech of martin will all reverse, but more importantly: the brothers are fan of the genre.

The ‘Renders ‘ Bros’ as the brothers call themselves, can count on the support of several top artists such as DJ 4T4 of The Court of Commerce, Bobby Ewing of Discobar Galaxie and the Performing Arist Stijn. “Four hours of beer hour”, the single called. What is the message they want to give with their song? That everyone should enjoy the life with friends and family, as long as it can. A message which, of course, is typical of the entire section “The bucketlist”. Friday 8 June at 19.40 hours the brothers one last time in ‘iedereen beroemd’. The single is from Friday morning, is already available via the online platforms of Itunes, Spotify, Apple, Music, and Google Play.

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