Trump prepared Kim to invite in United States

d9502dd00175e68abe45be698f235a51 - Trump prepared Kim to invite in United States

The American president Donald Trump is willing to be the North Korean leader Kim Jong-un in the USA from the invite, ” sure as the meeting of next week Tuesday in Singapore is progressing well’. That said Trump Thursday during a press conference with Japanese prime minister shinzo Abe. Trump also wants a peace treaty and normalized diplomatic relations with North Korea.

Yet another possibility is that there is an official end to the Korean war. “We would agree to draw,” says Trump. “That is probably the easiest. What comes next is more difficult.’

Although Trump earlier in the meeting with Kim had cancelled because of the ‘hostile attitude’ of North Korea, who will now continue anyway. “We have the possibility for something incredible to reach for the world,” said Trump. “And it would be an honor for me to them to participate.’

“A very warm letter’

The letter that Trump Kim got his right, general Kim Yong-chol, during their encounter last week, was ” nothing more than a greeting. “It was really a very warm letter, a very sweet letter. I have that very strongly appreciated. It was nothing more than “we look forward to meeting you”.’

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