Tim Hofman again winner Best Social Awards

e1c0e4d5814af5543c1b9232707958cb - Tim Hofman again winner Best Social Awards

Tim Hofman is just like last year, the big winner of The Best Social Awards has become the most important socialemediaprijzen of the Netherlands. He won in the category Best Personality and with the #ANGRY in the category Best YouTubeserie.

StukTV won for the first time a The Best Social Award for Best YouTuber. Police dog Bumper won the prize for Best Animal, a new category where the public frequently has voted. Jesse Klaver showed ministers and Members of parliament behind them in the category of Best Politician, and Cesar Majorana of the account @waaromvloggersjanken allowed themselves this year Best Instagrammer.

There were also awards presented in the categories of Best Response, Best Message of the Neighbor and Best news page. The winners of The Best Social Awards were determined by both the voice of the public as that of a jury.

The audience agreed, especially many in the categories of Best Personality, Best YouTuber, Best Animal and Best Brand. In the category of Best YouTubeserie knew #ANGRY, with only a 30 vote difference win of The Season with the boys of StukTV.

In total, during the 5th edition of thirteen prizes in the publiekscategorieën awarded. Wednesday were the winners in the business categories announced, with the winners if, Hema, and Bavaria. Tim Hofman won last year, just like Arjen is Well-all three Best Social Awards.

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