Thousands of weather for Alpe d’huzes the mountain

ALPE D’HUEZ – Approximately 4500 participants do Thursday participated in Alpe d’huzes. Under the motto ‘giving up is not an option’, they climb the Alpe d’huez, the famous ‘Dutch’ mountain from the Tour de France. The aim is to raise money for research into the cure of cancer.

Sylvia Struiwigh-Tekstra, who themselves kankerpatiënte, at 04.30 hours the start. Among the participants, who allow themselves to be sponsors, are always a lot of (ex-)cancer patients, family and friends.


Comedian Guido Weijers, weatherman Marco Verhoef and musicalartiest René van Kooten do also. They go on the bike and fight with the 21 hairpin bends.

The event will this year for the thirteenth time. Since 2006 there is a total of 150 million raised. Around 20.00 pm, when the last participants cross the finish line are gone, the provisional amount of action published.

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Those who stay at home can the day via a joint broadcast on several regional broadcasters. Further, it is the event to follow via Facebook (Alpe d’huzes), Instagram and Twitter.

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