The Ensor’s are there again

The Ensors, the Prices of the Flemish Film Filmfestival Oostende since 2010, each year organises, are housed in a new structure. The establishment of non-profit Ensor comes after close consultation with, and with the unconditional support of the entire Flemish audiovisual creatiesector. While film in the future remains central, from this year, some awards for remarkable achievement in the field of television series. The Gala of The Ensors on Saturday, september 15th place on the final day of the film Festival of Ostend.

In 2010, Filmfestival Oostende, the initiative for the organisation of an annual festival that is the remarkable filmprestaties of the sector in the spotlight places. The Flemish film prizes were The Ensors and the annual gala in the Kursaal of Ostend, as a festive closing ceremony of the festival, soon grew to a fixed value within the Flemish film industry.

The Ensor locks in perfectly with the DNA of the Filmfestival Oostende, that from its inception than pay attention to talent from our own soil. This could not only increasingly closer ties are being forged with the audiovisual sector organisations but also with the Flemish Audiovisual Fund (VAF). In addition to a rising awareness among the general public, But today is also the symbol for the growing international recognition of the Flemish audiovisual creatiesector.
At the start of the initiative was the organizer of the Filmfestival Oostende, Les Films du Bord de Mer vzw, intended to be as wide as possible to create support where all stakeholders from the Flemish audiovisual creatiesector closely involved. During the past few months, this was materialized.

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