Son of woman who is ’not missed’: we wanted to have the last word

NEW YORK – The man who is a hateful rouwadvertentie about his mother wrote and which viral saw, talks about the neglect that he and his sister say.

“We wanted to have the last word,” says Jay Dehmalo (58) against the Daily Mail. He wrote about his mother that they are “not will be missed” and that the world is now a better place is to become’. Painful, but not undeserved, says Dehmalo itself. “You can’t think we’re gone.”

Dehmalo wrote the rouwadvertentie with sister Gina (60). Both already had years of no contact with their mother Kathleen Dehmlow, have their names slightly adjusted to the past to erase and had to through a cousin learn that their mother is on the deathbed lay.

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Drink and party

On the basis of a conversation with Dehmalo describes the Daily Mail, a childhood in which both children are hardly attention, the largest were sent, and eventually by their grandparents were cared when mother Dehmlow became pregnant, the youngest brother of her husband.

Jay Dehmalo

When the rouwadvertentie viral went, called friends to Dehmalo. “We thought your mother had long died by a car accident,” they said.

Both mother Kathleen and father Dennis ’loved drink and party, ” describe family members. They were clearly ’not in state, Jay and Gina to feed’. At the same time, they were ’difficult children’, which later also fight with their grandparents would get about borrowed money that would never be repaid.

No regrets

Dehmalo tells how his mother happy and I was happy with the children of his uncle, but no attention more to them and donated it. “I remember that she twice came home, and pictures showed of themselves and the new kids; they played cards and drank beer. Gina and I got no attention. We stood there just. As if we didn’t exist. How can you do that, mother? When we knew: here we have to leave.”

Sorry Dehmalo not of the rouwadvertentie. “We knew that the negative could extract, but it has really helped us to have the last word.”

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