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Slovenia created the world’s first Bitcoin city

Slovenia, one of the smallest European countries, has recently announced that the largest shopping center in the country, the “BTC City”, should turn in a complete Bitcoin city.

This means that each and every business Cryptocurrencies as a payment method will accept, and that all of the transactions Blockchain-technologies.

The shopping center is located in Ljubljana, the capital of the country. It has an area of 144779.912 square meters and more than 500 shops.

According to the Bitcoin Magzine visited Prime Minister Miro Cerar, the shopping centre and bought a Cup of coffee by means of a crypto transaction.

A representative of the BTC City, said:

“The aim of his visit was to open the international conference Beyond 4.0, which is dedicated to the digital society and the Blockchain, and the strategy of BTC City meet, which wants to be a Bitcoin city.”

BTC City, founded in 1954, is one of the largest business, shopping, entertainment, recreational and cultural centres in Slovenia. The Hotel is located only 3 km from Ljubljana city center and 200 m from the ring road of Ljubljana. Here you will find world-famous fashion shops and brands, a large selection of sporting goods and equipment, shops for children, small shops, and much more.

BTC City is the concept of a Fintech Start-ups by the name of Eligma, has created an innovative Point-of-Sale System, to transform the shopping complex into a real BTC-city. In a statement Eligma stated that it is in the complex to a Business and Shopping Ecosystem, based on the latest technological solutions, which include Blockchain, artificial intelligence, and crypto-currencies.

Representatives from the BTC further commented:

“Bitcoin City will create an open society, which allows users to keep track of your missions and to develop your business according to your Wishes, needs, and operating guidelines.”

Eligmas digital currency exchange System Elipay will be installed in a few shops. In the complex there are also a few one-way ATMs for digital currencies, in addition to the Blockchain, Think Tank and, as the authorities say, the largest crypto-Farm in Slovenia.

“The development of BTC City, a Bitcoin-city is an important step towards the realization of the openness strategy of BTC, which offers its customers and business partners, both the freedom and the choice in their purchases with new forms of payment.”

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