Russians to send two million questions for Putin

MOSCOW – Russian president Vladimir Putin on Thursday during his annual vragenshow answered questions on a range of domestic and international issues. The russians sent this year, about 2 million questions, sent to Russian media.

Putin said that Russia still has no plans to leave Syria, where the government supports Bashar al-Assad. “We build there are no facilities for the long term, and we can our troops fairly quickly withdraw if that becomes necessary,” he said. “But at this moment we have there, they are still needed. They perform important tasks.”

The Russian president was also in on the alleged Russian interference in the American presidential election. He referred to a publication in a German medium that concluded that president Donald Trump the Europeans into the arms drives of Putin, which concluded that something “funny” sounds.

“We seem to have had an effect on the election of the American president, and then he did our Europe gift”, said Putin. “Total nonsense. This is only possible when a joke is being defined.”

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