Peter R. de Vries wrote Humberto-roast itself

Peter R. de Vries has his roast of Humberto Tan Wednesday in RTL Late Night no help of comedyschrijvers had. “From a to z: I have every word and every letter written by yourself”, said the presenter and yugoslavia in the ochtendshow of Giel Beelen on Radio Veronica.

Peter was in his own words “a week or two ago,” approached by the editor of Late Night to Humberto in his last week to roasten. That he had already done on the farewell from editor-in-chief. “Everyone was very excited about it. So when they asked if I also for Humberto would like to do,” says Peter. “I should have to think about it, it is finally live on television, but when I came on a number of nice lines. So I thought: all right, let’s do it.”

The presenter sabelde not only Humberto down but he was also, among others, former RTL boss Erland Galjaard, Wendy van Dijk and Albert Verlinde. About Humberto made Peter a number of spicy jokes about his alleged affair with NOS-journaallezer Dionne Stax. He said that Humberto “a number of times per week in the opening of the NOS News was.” “He was very kind”, chuckled Peter after the show of Giel.

“It is a roast

About that last joke was Peter’s extra to think about. “Or that could. I was also with the editorial talked about. But it is a roast,” says Peter. “Who needs a little sanding and just at the border or just over the border. If you’re that out of it is the not roast more. I have a free hand and had exactly said what I wanted to say.”

According to Peter took Humberto the roast sporty.

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