Peter R. de Vries gets hard to Humberto Tan

Humberto Tan is busy with his afscheidsweek at RTL Late Night. Up to now, all the guests full of praise for the presenter, but Wednesday night was Peter R. de Vries is a guest and who had a roast made. Therein he gave Humberto a lot of along.

So he took, among others, the affair of Humberto with Dionne Stax again. If it turns out that Goedele Liekens no less than 37 times, is a guest at RTL Late Night, says Peter: “37 times in a kind of erotic workshop is also late night do what too much of the good. But what the editors you have the most nadraagt, is that you by her bijgespijkerde skills nota bene in the competition, the public broadcaster, are going to practice. With the result that a few times per week in the opening of the NOS News was.”

If there is then what a certain way; laughing in the hall and Humberto did not know how he should look, says the council: “Yes, it is a roast.” The presenter know then yet to be released: “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

Private knew last year to reveal that Humberto and Dionne was having an affair. The presenter is now back with his wife Ineke, but still lives at home.

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