Orange is rising to the seventeenth place in the FIFA rankings, Germany remain number one

The Dutch national team is one of two places increased on Thursday published FIFA rankings. World champion Germany will begin the world cup next week as number one in the world ranking.

Orange played last week with a 1-1 draw against Slovakia and Monday with the same figures against Italy. This climbs the team of coach Ronald Koeman of the nineteenth to the seventeenth place.

The netherlands passes world cup participants Croatia, two places drops, and Tunisia, that seven places have to give.

In the top ten was just a shift. Poland increased from ten to eight and took the place of Spain, that two of the spots returned.

Orange is according to the FIFA ranking as the second best country in the world CHAMPIONSHIPS participate in. Chile, that on the ninth place, is on paper the strongest country that is lacking in Russia. Also Wales (eighteenth), Italy (nineteenth), and the United States (25th) knew not to place.

FIFA rankings

  • 1. Germany (1558 points)
  • 2. Brazil (1431 points)
  • 3. Belgium (1298 points)
  • 4. Portugal (1274 points)
  • 5. Argentina (1241 points)
  • 6. Switzerland (1199 points)
  • 7. France (1198 points)
  • 8. Poland (1183 points)
  • 9. Chile (1135 points)
  • 10. Peru (1125 points)
  • 17. The netherlands (981 points)


Orange hops, slowly but surely, from the low point in may 2017 was reached. The team got with the 32nd place, the lowest position ever on FIFA’s ranking, which in december 1992 was created.

The ranking is determined on the basis of the results in the last four years. In August 2011, was the former runner up at the worlds Orange is still the global number one.

Orange plays on 6 september in Amsterdam, with a friendly match against Peru, his next international match. Three days after the Nations League with a duel with another team from the top-ten of the current FIFA rankings: France.


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