Olcay Gülşen like Temptation Island VIPS

Kaj Gorgels of Temptation Island VIPS challenges Olcay Gülşen forward to next year to take part in the ultimate relatietest. “Olcay, I would very much like Temptation Island VIPS want to see next year. You may see it as a challenge, Olcay,” said Kaj Wednesday during a press presentation of the realityprogramma.

“I know that they deep inside really want to, but that they are still difficult to find out. So we’re going to that next year, good in massaging and I can assure you: Olcay do with them next year, and her manager is completely behind.”

Kaj presents this edition with Yolanthe Sneijder-Cabau. Donny Roelvink and his girlfriend Amijé participate in the ’VIP edition’ of Temptation Island, which from Thursday to Videoland is to follow. In addition to Donny and Amijé do former Utopia-residents Ruud and Rowena and former Temptation Island contestants Niels and Rosanna. The fourth couple consists of Stefano and Gelina, who is not known to the larger public.

Yolanthe: “It is a very violent edition. Much heavier than we had thought. Most vips are more often on television and know how it works, where the cameras hang and what the makers wish. But vip or no vip, you are human.” Kaj: “All couples have their own storyline that is separate from each other, all are fun to follow.”

The shooting of Temptation Island were in Mexico.

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