New lawsuit Stormy Daniels against Trump and ex-lawyer

Stormy Daniels is trying out a new lawsuit against Donald Trump. The porn actress accused her former lawyer, Keith Davidson, a figurehead of the American president.

Daniels, whose real name is Stephanie Clifford, also claims that Davidson her betrayed by working closely with Michael Cohen, Trumps personal lawyer.

In the documents that Daniels has returned to the court that Davidson and Cohen worked together to get the name of the porn actress smearing and her manipulation over her alleged affair with Trump in 2006.

The indictment of Daniel states that the two lawyers, a “plan beraamden” in which the credibility of the porn star in question would be and would also be personal messages between the two.

A spokesman on behalf of Davidson to the allegations, dismissed as “ridiculous” and called the business”, the umpteenth publicity stunt” of Daniels.

Daniels would be in 2006 for an affair with Trump have gehaad and 130.000 dollar zwijggeld for have gotten. The porn actress claimed later that the zwijgcontract is invalid because the American president has not signed.


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