Metropole Orchestra and Colin Benders open ADE

The Metropole Orchestra and Colin Benders (formerly known as Kyteman) opening Wednesday 17 October, the Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE). The opening concert is in The Milky way, announced the organization.

The Metropole Orchestra conducted by Jules Buckley served for the third consecutive year the opening of the international dance event. This year, the orchestra experiment with Colin Benders, who retired from his trumpet. During this performance matches his electronic music with a synthesizerinstallatie live with the entire orchestra. It is still a question of how they are going to do.

“Jules and I have been talking for years about a joint project, but I would never expect my electronics to the trigger would be. That makes it a very exciting project where I, with much anticipation to the lookout,” says Benders. ADE starts on Saturday at 10.00 am with tickets for the opening concert.

ADE, the world’s largest club – and conferentiefestival of electronic music, will take place this year from 17 to 21 October. Last year drew ADE 395.000 visitors.

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