Jan Smeets after heart surgery for the first time to sleep on Pinkpop

Pinkpop-the director may, this year, in spite of a sudden heart surgery in may of this year, or at the festival. Its traditional rhythm, “four days without sleep”, he must however adjust.

Smeets (73) continues to “reluctantly” in the background, this 49th edition, he tells against the AD.

On 24 may it was announced that the founder of the multi-day festival in Landgraaf, a surgery on his heart had undergone in the Academic Hospital in Maastricht.

“Ah, what I had a phrase to those ports itself open to make way for a new edition. You need to consider, we have no cancellations of bands. And lots of cards sold. It is ge-wel-dig.”

The 49th edition of the Pinkpop festival takes place this year on 15, 16 and 17 June. According to the Pinkpop-director 110,000 tickets sold, of which 45.000 weekend tickets. Of the day, there would be 20,000 per day are sold. Among others, Foo Fighters, Pearl Jam, Editors, and Bruno Mars perform.


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