Is Russia the last world cup for Frank Raes?

The 64-year-old Frank Raes starts as possible next week to his last world cup. At the next world CHAMPIONSHIP will be Frank Raes have reached retirement age have, ” he says in TeVe Sheet. Itself reects the journalist to return the ball to his employer. The ball is in the camp of the VRT, or not even appealed to him wants to do.
As Frank Raes the for viewed means there is a recognizable voice. The voetbalverslaggever will find that there is so much football on TV and that there are many commentators, so the lack of him will run loose.

The final of the world CHAMPIONSHIPS on July 15, will no comment provided by Frank Raes, but by Filip Joos. Both men spoke of three years ago, all with each other. Raes if the final of the european CHAMPIONSHIPS all to comment on.

Text: Nico Vanaken

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